Instructions – Make oil pastels yourself

Oil pastels, like oil paints, also consist primarily of color pigments and oils as binders. However, the offer is also comparable, because just like oil paints, oil pastel chalks are also available in a wide variety of colors and different qualities.

In this respect, it is actually not necessary today to produce its own oil paints or oil pastels. On the other hand, not much speaks against trying it out and painting the next pictures and paintings with self-made colors.

The required materials:

· Color pigments
· Turpentine oil and stand oil
· Beeswax, bleached
· 1 large pot and two smaller pots or jars
· Aluminum foil and kneading or modeling clay for the molds
· Spatula or knife and glass or acrylic glass plate for rubbing the color pigments

Making oil pastels yourself – the manual

From the basic principle, the production of oil pastels is comparable to the production of oil paints. In both cases, the color pigments are rubbed with oil. In the case of oil pastels, however, additional ingredients are added, some of which are heated.

In general, care must be taken in the preparation of oil pastel crayons careful and prudent, because the oils are flammable and some color pigments can be very dusty. In order not to inhale the pigment dust by mistake, it is therefore advisable to wear a respirator. In addition, should be dispensed with the use of pigments containing cadmium or lead, for example.