Paint an oil painting – what to look out for?

A poster or an art print is fine. But against a real oil painting they have no chance. However, not everyone is a gifted artist who can paint his oil paintings himself. And for images of a more or less well-known artist, which are offered in galleries and art houses, sometimes missing the necessary change. But maybe just the right motive is not there. So you have to come up with another solution.

This solution can be to paint his desired oil painting. There are many providers for this service. But which motifs can even be commissioned? How long does painting take? How expensive is such an oil painting? And what else needs to be considered?

If you want to commission an oil painting, you basically have free choice of subject. So it is possible, for example, to paint a portrait photo of yourself, a snapshot from the last vacation, a family portrait, the wedding photo or a landscape photograph in oil. Likewise, a photo of the pet, the car or the house can be submitted as a template.

But it does not necessarily have to be a photo. An illustration in a book or a magazine, a drawing of the children, a silk scarf or even a piece of fabric with a pretty pattern can become the motif of the oil painting. If a well-known work by a great artist is to be repainted, it is sufficient for most suppliers if the client indicates the name of the artist and the work of art.