The materials for creative brushes

In principle, the painter can use virtually any object that can absorb paint and apply it to the canvas as a brush replacement. Brushes of all kinds, cutlery, sponges, cloth remnants, cords, an old mop or a trowel, for example, can be perfectly transformed into painting tools.

The painter can even wear a thin disposable glove and paint directly with his fingers or hands. Sometimes he has to come up with a certain technique while painting. Because if the brush handle is missing, the painter with his painting tool is much closer to the canvas than he may be used to.

On the other hand, if the painter wants to make paintbrushes that have a handle in addition to the paint surface, the household offers many useful materials. For example, old cooking spoons, chopsticks, broken broomsticks, or trestle sticks, for example, are optimal brushstrokes. For the painting surface, the painter can use all materials that are flexible and can be shaped. From sponge cloths to plant parts everything is possible.

Of course, the painter can never know exactly how they behave in self-made paintbrushes. But that’s what makes the charm. And often, the unique application of color provides the painter with the inspiration that really boosts his creativity and turns his oil painting into a unique work of art. And to give you some more suggestions, we have put together three ideas for homemade brushes.